A Crown of Swords (The Wheel of Time, Book 7)

By Robert Jordan

A Crown of Swords, the eagerly awaited sequel to Lord of Chaos, The ny Times bestseller that swept the country like a firestorm.
In this 7th ebook of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time sequence, Elayne, Aviendha, and Mat come ever towards the bowl ter'angreal which could opposite the world's unending warmth wave and restoration ordinary climate. Egwene starts off to collect all demeanour of girls who can channel--Sea people, Windfinders, clever Ones, and a few fabulous others. And exceptionally, Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael, within the shadows of Shadar Logoth, the place the blood-hungry mist, Mashadar, waits for prey.

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It needed to be performed. It had to be. You enable the witches sit down there in Salidar unhindered, and . . . ” as though abruptly figuring out that he had his hands round the guy he was once murdering, he driven Niall away. energy had long past from Niall’s legs now in addition to his palms. He fell seriously opposed to the gaming desk, turning it over. Black and white stones scattered around the polished wood ground round him; the silver pitcher bounced and splashed wine. The chilly in his bones was once leaching out into the remainder of him. He was once now not sure no matter if time had slowed for him or every thing quite did ensue so fast. Boots thudded around the ground, and he lifted his head wearily to determine Omerna gaping and wide-eyed, backing clear of Eamon Valda. every piece as a lot the image of a Lord Captain as Omerna in his white-and-gold tabard and white undercoat, Valda was once now not so tall, now not so it seems that commanding, however the darkish man’s face was once demanding, as ever, and he had a sword in his palms, the heron-mark blade he prized so hugely. “Treason! ” Valda bellowed, and drove the sword via Omerna’s chest. Niall might have laughed if he may possibly; breath got here demanding, and he may possibly listen it effervescent within the blood in his throat. He had by no means beloved Valda—in truth, he despised the man—but anyone needed to understand. His eyes shifted, came across the slip of paper from Tanchico mendacity now not faraway from his hand; it'd be neglected there, yet now not if his corpse clutched it. And that message needed to be learn. His hand appeared 34 Lightnings to move slowly around the floorboards so slowly, brushing the paper, pushing, it as he fumbled to take carry. His imaginative and prescient used to be transforming into misty. He attempted to strength himself to see. He needed to . . . The fog was once thicker. a part of him attempted to shake that suggestion; there has been no fog. The fog was once thicker, and there has been an enemy available in the market, unseen, hidden, as harmful as al’Thor or extra. The message. What? What message? It was once time to mount and out sword, time for one final assault. by means of the sunshine, win or die, he was once coming! He attempted to snarl. Valda wiped his blade on Omerna’s tabard, then unexpectedly learned the outdated wolf nonetheless breathed, a rasping, effervescent sound. Grimacing, he bent to make an finish— and a gaunt, long-fingered hand stuck his arm. “Would you be Lord Captain Commander now, my son? ” Asunawa’s emaciated face belonged on a martyr, but his darkish eyes burned with a fervor to unnerve even those that didn't recognize who he was once. “You might be, after I attest that you just killed Pedron Niall’s murderer. yet now not if i have to say that you simply ripped open Niall’s throat to boot. ” Baring the teeth in what may well cross for a grin, Valda straightened. Asunawa had a love of fact, a wierd love; he might tie it into knots, or grasp it up and flay it whereas it screamed, yet as far as Valda knew, he by no means truly lied. a glance at Niall’s glazed eyes, and the pool of blood spreading underneath him, chuffed Valda. The previous guy used to be death. “May, Asunawa? ” The excessive Inquisitor’s gaze burned warmer as Asunawa stepped again, relocating the snowy cloak clear of Niall’s blood.

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