A Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units (Oxford Paperback Reference)

By Donald Fenna

This accomplished and authoritative dictionary offers transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and sorts of weights and measures in the Système foreign (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it is usually common old and clinical history, protecting the advance of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will turn out useful to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the overall user.

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598 787. 86 760. 00 732. ninety three 706. sixty six 681. 15 659. 38 632. 25 522. sixty five 349. 25 225. sixty nine one hundred forty. sixty seven 86. ninety nine 15. 235 14. 696 14. 173 thirteen. 664 thirteen. 171 12. 750 12. 228 10. 106 6. 753 four. 364 2. 720 1. 682 The destructive determine applies to the purple Sea sector, and so on. atomic mass consistent, atomic mass unit See unified atomic mass unit. atomic quantity The variety of protons within the nucleus of an atom; extra properly the variety of unit fees of any such nucleus measured arithmetically by way of the cost of an electron yet with contrary signal. any such determine equates with the variety of protons less than present idea, and equals the variety of surrounding electrons less than nonionized stipulations. The time period was once first utilized in 1865, yet basically successfully to quantity the weather sequentially, for placement within the periodic desk; it was once approximately 50 years later that its cost foundation was once discovered, consequently the clinical foundation of the periodic desk. The values of atomic quantity diversity from 1 for hydrogen and a couple of for helium to six for carbon, eight for oxygen, 2 6 for iron, seventy nine for gold, ninety two for uranium, and as much as 103 for lawrencium, all being strictly integers, with out hole. (The 'atomic weight' contains the chargeless neutrons plus the quite minor mass of the electrons; for hydrogen this provides 1. 008; mostly atomic weight, accurately known as f relative atomic mass, is greater than two times the atomic quantity. ) atomic approach of devices See atomic unit. atomic unit physics. image a. u. anyone of the fcoherent set of devices in line with the fBohr radius plus different f usual sub-atomic devices atomic weight sixteen desk four Base devices: atomic unit of motion h the tplanck consistent over 2 TT cost e the telementary cost size aa tfiohr radius mass ine telectron mass Derived devices: atomic unit of e/al 1. 081202285(43) xlO 12 C-m" three four. zero present e-Eh/fi 6. 62361753(26) x! 0~3 A three. nine electrical dipole second e-a0 eight. 47835267(33) xlO" 30 C-m three. nine electrical box E h /e-a zero five. 14220624(20) xlO11 V-m- 1 three. nine electrical box gradient Eh/e-a 2 nine. 71736153(39) xlO 21 V-m- 2 four. zero electrical polarizability e 2 -a 2 /E h 1. 648777251(18) xlO"41 C2 -m 2 -J"1 1. 1 electrical capability Eh/e 2. 72113834(11) xlO^ three. nine electr. quadrupole second e-a2 four. 48655100(18) xlO"40 C-m 2 four. zero strength (Hartree) Eh = m e -e four / f2 four. 35974381(34) xlO~ 18 J cost density 7. eight Eh /do eight. 23872181(64) xlO" eight N magnetic dipole second e-ft/itie 1. 854801799(75) x! 0~23 J-T"1 four. zero magnetic flux density fi/e-a2 2. 350517349(94) x! 05T four. zero 1. eight strength 7. eight magnetizability e -a /m e 7. 89103641(14) xlO" 29 J-T" 2 momentum K/aa 1. 99285151(16) xlO" 24 kg-m-s" 1 7. eight permittivity e 2 /a zero -E h 1. 112650056~ xlO-10 F-m" 1 (exact) time fi/Eh 2. 418884326500(18) xlO"17 s zero. zero* pace (or pace) a zero -E h /fi 2. 1876912529(80) xlO 6 m-s" 1 zero. 37 2 2 The asterisked determine is zero. 000 seventy six. brought through fHartree in 1927. [78' (Compare typical unit. ) Named generically atomic unit of motion, and so forth. (and past occasionally the Hartree unit of motion, and so on. , although that non-public identify is used now t suggest the atomic unit of energy), the individuals and their present values (with 108 occasions the frelative regular uncertainty appended to each)'4' of the derived devices are proven in desk four.

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