Cosmic Liturgy: The Universe According to Maximus the Confessor (Communio Books)

Maximus the Confessor, saint and martyr, is the theologian of synthesis: of Rome and Byzantium, of antiquity and the center a while, reexcavating the nice treasures of Christian culture, which at the moment were buried by means of imperial and ecclesial censure. Von Balthasar used to be an expert at the Church Fathers--Irenaeus, Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, and principally, Maximus the Confessor. This masterpiece on Maximus broke new flooring at the moment. this can be the 1st English translation of the newest version of this acclaimed paintings. This e-book provides a strong, appealing, religiously compelling portrait of the concept of a huge Christian theologian who may possibly, for this e-book, have remained merely an imprecise identify within the handbooks of patrology. right here the historical past of theology has turn into itself a fashion of theological mirrored image.

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