CrossWards USMLE Step 2 Board Review

By Anthony J. Viera, Matthew A. Sutton

At last— a fun-yet-fundamental clinical scholar evaluation that won’t positioned you to sleep!

CrossWards USMLE Step 2 Board evaluation is the 1st in a brand new sequence of crossword-puzzle books that gives an interactive and unique type of board evaluation. protecting the serious innovations and questions had to ace USMLE Steps 1 and a pair of and get ready for ward rotations, the puzzles are loaded with smart clues and fast proof. Use this fun-yet-fundamental board assessment for learn breaks at the ward or to refresh your wisdom at the interview path. even if puzzles are accomplished, you should use this convenient source for shelf examination overview and board examination training.

Challenge your self with 50 puzzles, averaging 30-35 clues apiece, that offer nearly 1500-1750 questions in all!
Review very important medical details in a enjoyable and remarkable method as you're employed via every one puzzle.
Survive “pimping” via protecting the short proof you want to resolution any tricky query an attending poses.
Power your prep through downloading extra puzzles (and annotated strategies) on-line.

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Deal with with steroids. eleven - Reed-Sternberg cells. HODGKIN’S (lymphoma). 12 - Bird’s beak on swallow examine ACHALASIA. The esophageal stricture may perhaps resemble a bird’s beak. thirteen - Leftover rice B. CEREUS. “Food poisoning from rice?! You can’t B. cereus! ” sixteen - Machine-like murmur (acronym) PDA. Patent ductus arteriosus. Closes with NSAIDs. 18 - Dewdrop on a rose petal VARICELLA 20 - Honey-crusted lesion IMPETIGO. because of streptococcus or staphylococcus most ordinarily. deal with with topical brokers first. 21 - Café-au-lait spots NEUROFIBROMATOSIS. sort 1. 23 - Maltese pass casts in urine (NEPHROTIC syndrome) because of the presence of ldl cholesterol esters. 25 - Honeycomb lung (acronym) IPF. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. 26 - aim lesions (erythema MULTIFORME) usually because of medicinal drugs, viruses. 2 - Doughy epidermis (electrolyte abnormality, hyperNATREMIA) three - Silvery scale PSORIASIS four - Currant jelly sputum KLEBSIELLA. usually visible in alcoholics who aspirate. five - Punched-out lesion on cranium movie (multiple MYELOMA) Monoclonal gammopathy and Bence Jones protein within the urine. 6 - chilly agglutinins MYCOPLASMA eight - Sawtooth wave (acronym) AFLUTTER. Atrial price is three hundred, ventricular price a hundred and fifty. 10 - Christmas tree rash (pityriasis ROSEA) reason unknown, yet most likely viral. preliminary lesion is one other buzzword, the “herald patch. ” 14 - Rose gardener SPOROTHRIX. because of a rose thorn puncture. 15 - Spaghetti and meatballs on KOH education (pityriasis VERSICOLOR) because of Malassezia fungi. sixteen - Cogwheel stress PARKINSON’S 17 - Powder burns on laparoscopy ENDOMETRIOSIS. can also see “chocolate cysts. ” 18 - Clue mobile (bacterial VAGINOSIS) Epithelial cells studded with micro organism. 19 - Shipyard employee ASBESTOSIS 22 - caught on visual appeal (SEBORRHEIC keratosis) A benign papule universal in older age. can have “waxy” floor. 24 - Bat-wing visual appeal on chest x-ray (pulmonary EDEMA) brought on by the prominence of the pulmonary vasculature. 171 CrossWards™ 36 T A M A M S E S T N E O C P T A O U M S Y E 172 A Trich Puzzle F I B V R S O T R I C H L R D A E P C OS C A ND A S H H R ME T F O R M I P ON R C E S U P P E R OU T E C E L R R OG E N S T A MO X P T R Y E ND OME T R I S H T A A mmog G R A M G O S Y P H I L G I A L I V E R D N H P V R E G N I D A N N C Y R I F E N OS I S V A U R A R S I S C A I N T E S Across: 2 - grey discharge, excessive pH, clue cells (acronym) BV. Bacterial vaginosis. Overgrowth of Gardnerella vaginalis. three - This virus is accountable for the majority of cervical melanoma (acronym) HPV. Human papillomavirus. Subtypes sixteen and 18 are rather excessive chance and account for 70% of cervical cancers. 6 - Motile organism noticeable on saline rainy mount of vaginal secretions is pathognomonic for TRICH (short shape) Trichomonas vaginalis, a flagellated protozoan. eight - what's the analysis in a lady who offers with amenorrhea, pimples, hirsutism, and insulin resistance? (acronym) PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome. The analysis should be made clinically with no ultrasound or lab findings, even though they're acquired to aid the analysis.

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