Crows: Encounters with the Wise Guys of the Avian World {10th anniversary edition}

This revised and increased version of Candace Savage’s best-selling ebook approximately ravens and crows is superior by way of extra work, drawings, and images, in addition to a desirable collection of first-person tales and poems approximately awesome encounters with crows. in a single tale, a pack of crows brilliantly thwarts an assault via a Golden Eagle; in one other, a mischievous crow rescues the writer from grief. And in a 3rd piece, after nursing a battered child crow again to future health until eventually it flies off with different crows, Louise Erdrich hauntingly describes her altered expertise as she listens for the “dark snort” of crows whereas she works.

Based on 20 years of audacious examine by way of scientists worldwide, the ebook additionally presents an remarkable, evidence-based glimpse into corvids’ highbrow, social, and emotional lives. yet no matter if considered during the lens of technological know-how, fable, or daily adventure, the result's constantly a similar. those birds are so smart—and so mysterious—they take your breath away.

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