Data Science at the Command Line: Facing the Future with Time-Tested Tools

This hands-on consultant demonstrates how the flexibleness of the command line may also help develop into a extra effective and effective facts scientist. You’ll mix small, but strong, command-line instruments to fast receive, scrub, discover, and version your data.

To get you started—whether you’re on home windows, OS X, or Linux—author Jeroen Janssens introduces the knowledge technological know-how Toolbox, an easy-to-install digital setting choked with over eighty command-line tools.

Discover why the command line is an agile, scalable, and extensible know-how. no matter if you’re already cozy processing information with, say, Python or R, you’ll enormously increase your facts technology workflow via additionally leveraging the facility of the command line.

  • Obtain info from web pages, APIs, databases, and spreadsheets
  • Perform scrub operations on undeniable textual content, CSV, HTML/XML, and JSON
  • Explore information, compute descriptive records, and create visualizations
  • Manage your information technology workflow utilizing Drake
  • Create reusable instruments from one-liners and latest Python or R code
  • Parallelize and distribute data-intensive pipelines utilizing GNU Parallel
  • Model information with dimensionality aid, clustering, regression, and class algorithms

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