Excel 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference

By John Green, Rob Bovey, Michael Alexander

This publication is aimed squarely at Excel clients who are looking to harness the facility of the VBA language of their Excel purposes. always, the VBA language is gifted within the context of Excel, not only as a normal program programming language.

The Primer has been written if you are new to VBA programming and the Excel item version. It introduces the VBA language and the positive factors of the language which are universal to all VBA purposes. It explains the connection among collections, gadgets, homes, tools, and occasions and indicates the best way to relate those recommendations to Excel via its item version. It additionally exhibits how one can use the visible simple Editor and its multitude of instruments, together with how one can receive help.

The center portion of the publication takes the major gadgets in Excel and exhibits, via many useful examples, easy methods to pass approximately operating with these gadgets. The recommendations offered were built throughout the trade of principles of many gifted Excel VBA programmers over decades and convey tips to achieve entry to workbooks, worksheets, charts, levels, etc. The emphasis is on efficiency—that is, the way to write code that's readable and simple to keep up and that runs at greatest velocity. moreover, the chapters dedicated to getting access to exterior databases element suggestions for getting access to information in more than a few formats.

The ultimate 4 chapters of the booklet deal with the subsequent complex concerns: linking Excel to the net, writing code for overseas compatibility, programming the visible easy Editor, and the way to exploit the features within the Win32 API (Windows 32-bit program Programming Interface).

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