Faun & Games (Xanth, No. 21)

By Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony's so much remarkable Xanth event ever finds wnodrous new worlds of mirth and magic!

The fantastic and mirth-filled land of Xanth holds many marvels. yet now a unprecedented new element of this striking realm unfolds as younger Forrest Faun's quest takes him to a tiny planet hidden within the middle of Xanth. There, with a pleasant "day mare" as his consistent spouse, Forrest will locate extra marvels then he ever dreamed of.

Packed with magic, secret, and mirth, Faun & video games is the most up to date and most enjoyable Xanth event in a month of Pundays!

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Till he may possibly glance in a window and spot a panty," Forrest concluded. Ogle used to be surprised. "I ogled a panty? " "That is correct," Imbri acknowledged primly. "It used to be outrageous. you need to be horribly ashamed. " Ogle attempted to wipe the amazement, awe, and enjoyment off his puss. "Horribly," he agreed. "No ask yourself i think so excessive close to that border. " He glanced at Forrest with a women-don't-understand expression. Forrest may perhaps merely nod a little hoping the ladies would not seize it. "So you can now let us know the place outdated Ogress is," Cathryn stated. As a foal she didn't appear as disenchanted concerning the document as she could have been, however it evidently set her again a little bit. "Right this way," Ogle agreed, and started tramping northwest. They undefined, with Cathryn swiftly getting older, and with each one step her expression turned less assailable. She was once attaining grownup woman human point of view at the record, regrettably, even if centaurs often did not care approximately human hang-ups. Forrest knew there will be no element in discussing the problem. The ogre used to be correct: ladies simply did not comprehend a few issues. perhaps that was once to avoid them from getting freaked out via their very own clothing. They handed the final area of the knoll the place they'd met Ogle and went on. They entered a quarter of tumbled bushes timber, and there in a crudely shaped pig sty used to be an ogress. She used to be coated with stinking dust. "Hey, what are you doing, outdated? " Ogle requested. "I'm attempting to make myself ugly," she answered dolefully. "Using undesirable smelling dust packs. " "Maybe you don't want to be gruesome. those people have a deal for you. " Then Ogle, having fulfilled his a part of the trade, tramped away, every little thing other than the not-ugly-enough ogress. She spotted Forrest, Imbri, and Cathryn for the 1st time. "Faun, mares-who cares? " she inquired. Forrest leaned over the rail of her sty. "How do you want to dwell in a citadel with all of the nutrition you will want, and an ogre who heeds your each note and does not care the way you glance? " "Me imagine me-oh, phooey at the rhymes! i would like it. What deeply disgusting factor do i need to do to get it? " "Just ascertain your each notice is compliment for the ogre's accomplishment in pulling down the partitions so good. " "But that comes obviously! more often than not i must stifle it, lest I be unogressly great. " "Come with us, and we are going to take you to citadel and ogre. " She lurched out of the sty, laying off squishes of manure. "Let's cross! " "You do not even have to put on the mud," Forrest acknowledged. "Excellent. " She tramped to a close-by good, hauled out an important bucket, and doused herself with chilly water. In a second she was once rainy yet fresh. They trigger for the fort. "Out of curiosity," Imbri stated, "why is it that Ogle stares at appealing human ladies, and their garments, yet desires an uglier ogress? " "I have puzzled that myself," outdated stated. "I imagine there's something incorrect along with his imaginative and prescient, in order that he thinks human ladies are by some means uglier than ogresses. it is a unhappy case. " "Very sad," Imbri agreed, chuffed. They reached the citadel and stood on the closed door. outdated glared on the bell-weather, and it instantly sounded the alarm.

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