Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution

By Terence McKenna

For the 1st time in exchange paperback, the severely acclaimed counterculture manifesto by means of the wildly renowned McKenna. "Deserves to be a contemporary vintage on mind-altering medicines and hallucinogens."--The Washington put up. images and illustrations.

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Five while i mentioned those findings with Fischer, he smiled after explaining his conclusions, then summed up, "You see what's conclusively confirmed here's that lower than yes conditions one is de facto larger educated about the actual global if one has taken a drug than if one has now not. " His facetious comment caught with me, first as a tutorial anecdote, later as an attempt on his half to speak anything profound. What could be the outcomes for evolutionary conception of admitting that a few chemical behavior confer adaptive virtue and thereby turn into deeply scripted within the habit or even genome of a few participants? 3 substantial STEPS FOR THE HUMAN RACE In attempting to resolution that query i've got built a situation, a few might name it delusion; it's the international as noticeable from the vantage element of a brain for which the millennia are yet seasons, a imaginative and prescient that years of musing on those issues has moved me towards. allow us to think for a second that we stand outdoor the surging gene swarm that's organic background, and that we will be able to see the interwoven results of alterations in vitamin and weather, which needs to definitely were too sluggish to be felt via our ancestors. The state of affairs that unfolds includes the interconnected and collectively reinforcing results of psilocybin taken at 3 diversified degrees. precise in its houses, psilocybin is the one substance, i think, which may yield this situation. on the first, low, point of utilization is the influence that Fischer famous: small quantities of psilocybin, ate up with out knowledge of its psychoactivity whereas within the common act of searching for foodstuff, and maybe later ate up consciously, impart a seen elevate in visible acuity, particularly facet detection. As visible acuity is at a top rate between hunter‑gatherers, the invention of the an identical of "chemical binoculars" couldn't fail to impact the looking and collecting good fortune of these people who availed themselves of this virtue. Partnership teams containing people with greater eyesight may be extra winning at feeding their offspring. as a result of the raise in on hand nutrients, the offspring inside such teams could have the next likelihood of themselves attaining reproductive age. In this kind of scenario, the out breeding (or decline) of non‑psilocybin‑using teams will be a ordinary outcome. simply because psilocybin is a stimulant of the vital frightened process, while taken in a bit of higher doses, it has a tendency to set off restlessness and sexual arousal. hence, at this moment point of utilization, via expanding situations of copulation, the mushrooms at once favourite human copy. The tendency to control and agenda sexual intercourse in the staff, through linking it to a lunar cycle of mushroom avail­ability, could have been vital as a primary step towards ritual and faith. definitely on the 3rd and optimum point of utilization, non secular matters will be on the vanguard of the tribe's attention, just because of the facility and strangeness of the adventure itself.

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