From Groups to Individuals: Evolution and Emerging Individuality (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)

Author note: Philippe Huneman (Editor), Frédéric Bouchard (Editor)

Our intuitive assumption that in basic terms organisms are the true participants within the wildlife is at odds with advancements in mobilephone biology, ecology, genetics, evolutionary biology, and different fields. even supposing organisms have served for hundreds of years as nature's paradigmatic members, technological know-how means that organisms are just one of many some ways within which the flora and fauna can be geared up.

When dwelling beings interact -- as in ant colonies, beehives, and bacteria-metazoan symbiosis -- new collective members can emerge. during this ebook, best students reflect on the organic and philosophical implications of the emergence of those new collective participants from institutions of residing beings. the themes they think about diversity from metaphysical matters to organic learn on usual choice, sociobiology, and symbiosis.

The individuals examine individuality and its dating to evolution and the explicit thought of organism; the strain among workforce evolution and person edition; and the constitution of collective participants and the level to which they are often outlined by means of a similar idea of individuality. those new views on advanced individuality should still set off vital revisions to either philosophical and organic conceptions of the individual.

Frederic Bouchard, Ellen Clarke, Jennifer Fewell, Andrew Gardner, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Charles J. Goodnight, Matt Haber, Andrew Hamilton, Philippe Huneman, Samir Okasha, Thomas Pradeu, Scott Turner, Minus van Baalen"

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