Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

A special and complete reference that no healthcare professional who encounters substance abusers can be with out!

The instruction manual of the clinical results of Alcohol and Drug Abuse is a state of the art overview of the scientific results of the main abused medicinal drugs in the US this present day. The members to this peer-reviewed booklet contain top specialists in scientific body structure, psychopharmacology, and neuropsychology. The booklet describes the most up-tp-date learn at the acute and protracted results of alcohol, stimulants, inhalants, marijuana, and opiates on human organ platforms and behaviour. it's going to additionally assist you discover and comprehend the prenatal results of those medications in addition to tobacco and nicotine.

With the Handbook of the scientific outcomes of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, you will be good trained concerning the cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and hepatic results of generally abused medications. The publication additionally offers in-depth factors of the mechanisms during which those psychoactive medications exert their biobehavioral results in addition to present considering about—and definitions of—abuse, dependence, and alcohol/drug use.

Here is a pattern of what you will discover during this crucial ebook:

  • basic info on alcohol, together with definitions of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence
  • descriptions of the connection among alcohol and unintentional accidents, alcohol's impression on skeletal and significant organ structures, and its influence on threat elements for definite cancers
  • an exam of the consequences of alcohol and different medicinal drugs on neuropsychological functionality
  • an in-depth evaluation of the results of alcohol on neuron signaling, neurotransmitter functionality, and alcoholic mind harm and cognitive disorder
  • a complete examine the fetal results of alcohol
  • a transparent overview of the on hand details on continual marijuana use's results on mental and actual health and wellbeing, together with a good and balanced dialogue of the scientific marijuana factor
  • a considerate and fact-filled exam of the implications of opiate abuse and methadone pharmacotherapy, together with a comparability of the consequences of methadone and heroin on organ process functionality and disorder
  • a examine cocaine's historical past, a number of the different types of the drug, and the opposed results of cocaine on cardiovascular, neurologic, and pulmonary platforms
  • an exploration of the clinical outcomes of inhalants—a very vast type of abused elements starting from nitrous oxide to gasoline—and tips on how to deal with their poisonous results
  • a assessment of the prenatal results of nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates
  • explanations of a lot of the terminology that looks within the present literature on alcohol

Extraordinarily important for physicians and different future health care pros, the Handbook of the scientific results of Alcohol and Drug Abuse offers particular information regarding a variety of medicines no longer present in any comparable booklet. Make it part of your reference assortment this present day!

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