Heroes Of Islam

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The Peermahomed Ebrahim belief has introduced a programme for bringing out brief lifestyles sketches of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and the opposite infallibles in his holy progeny delineating their immortal companies for the reason for Islam. it truly is was hoping that this quantity could supply the readers a shiny notion of the way our predecessors have striven not easy, on occasion, even through delivering their very lives for the sake of faith, that allows you to hold the torch that was once lit by means of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) burning as commanded by way of Allah. Peace be upon them all.



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He had no longer but entire his phrases while he breathed his final. Rushaid Hajari He used to be a staunch follower of fact and used to be one of many closest partners of Ameerul Momineen (a. s. ). Allama Majlisi (a. r. ) writes in his ‘Jilaaul Uyoon’ that Shaikh Kashi narrated from trustworthy resources that at some point Meesam-e-Tammaar who was once one of many exotic partners of Ameerul Momineen (a. s. ), and knew the secrets and techniques of the Holy Imam, occurred to be within the corporation of Bani Asad. all of sudden there got here Habib Ibne-Mazaahir, who was once later had the excellence being one of many martyrs of Karbala. They stood there and had a protracted dialog. Habib stated, ‘As if I see sooner than me an previous guy, who has no hair on his head, has a fats abdominal, and sells melons and dates; he's seized and hanged at the gallows, simply because he loves the Ahlul Bait – descendants of the Holy Prophet (s. a. w. a. ), and whereas he's hanged, his abdominal is torn up. ’ via this he intended Meesam. Meesam stated, ‘I additionally understand a guy, who's red-faced, has locks of hair, he'll pop out for the aid of the son of the Holy Prophet (s. a. w. a. ), and he'll be killed; and his head should be taken around Kufa. ’ through this he intended Habib. After telling all this, they parted. the folk, assembled there, who had heard all their speak, stated to them­selves they'd now not visible worse liars than these males. the folk had no longer left their locations, whilst Rushaid Hajari, who was once taught the secrets and techniques by way of Ameerul Momineen (a. s. ) reached there looking for these males. He requested the folk assembled there approximately them. They acknowledged they'd been conversing such and such factor among them. Rushaid stated, ‘Allah bless Meesam! He forgot to claim something, that the boys, who could convey his head, will be given 100 dirham extra as gift than others’. while Rushaid had left, these humans stated to themselves that guy used to be a nonetheless worse liar than these . After a little while, even though, they observed that Meesam used to be hanged at the door of Amr bin Harees’s residence, and Habib ibne Mazaahir used to be martyred besides Imam Husain (a. s. ) and his head was once taken around Kufa. Shaikh Kashi narrates that in the future Ameerul Momineen (a. s. ) got here to a date-garden together with his partners and sat below a date tree. He requested a few physique to carry dates from that tree. He ate it with different partners, Rushaid Hajari stated, ‘O Ameerul Momineen (a. s. )! What an excellent date it was once! ’ The Holy Imam (a. s. ) stated, ‘O Rushaid! You can be hanged at the wooden of this tree. ’ So, after that Rushaid always got here to that tree and watered it. sooner or later whilst he got here close to it he observed it was once curb. He acknowledged, ‘Now my demise is close to. ’ After a couple of days Ibne Ziyad despatched for him. at the manner he observed that the tree used to be reduce into elements. He acknowledged, ‘They have lower it for me. ’ Ibne Ziyad (l. a. ) known as him for the second one time. He requested Rushaid to inform a few of the lies of his Imam (a. s. ). Rushaid acknowledged that neither he nor his Imam used to be a liar. He acknowledged, ‘My Imam has educated me that you just shall bring to an end my arms, ft, and tongue. ’ Ibne Ziyad than ordered, ‘Cut off his hand and ft yet depart his tongue in order that the prophecy of his Imam proves fake.

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