Keyboard (January 2014)

Keyboard journal is that initially lined digital keyboard tools and keyboardists, notwithstanding with the appearance of computing device established recording and audio know-how, they've got further electronic track know-how to their commonplace insurance, together with these no longer strictly referring to the keyboard comparable tools.

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Test making a assorted inversion by way of relocating the pinnacle word down an octave. Now try out the main 6th. It’s obtained a vibe all its personal. Ex. 2. C min7 C min9 w b b wwww & b b wwww ? Ex. 3a. C min9 w bb & b b www w b. b & b b b forty four Ex. 2 indicates one other effective chord extension. including a 9th on best of a minor 7th chord creates a minor 9th. Stacked thirds provide this chord a relaxed but darkish caliber. you can also make your voicing extra “jazzy” through relocating the basis all the way down to the left hand and the head notes down an octave. flow your thumb right down to the 6th (A) to create the continually captivating minor 6-9 chord. w A b maj9 www w A b maj9 2. The Minor 9th b www w w b b www A b maj7 ? bb b b C min69 F min11 no third www w www w www w w w w F min11 no third .. œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ ? bb four b b four œ. œ ˙ J Ex. four. # & # n wwww D7 w n ww ? ## three. the key 9th w j œ ˙ œ. D 7b nine w n b www w the main 7th chord has a vintage sound all its personal. Stack the 9th (Bb) on best to create stacked thirds, then circulation the 9th down an octave, as noticeable in Ex. 3a. The low Bb and C provide this chord its weight. in case you movement your left hand right down to F, you create an Fmin11 chord and the panorama instantly alterations. altering only one bass observe, (much like including a chord extension itself) can open up many inventive chances. Ex. 3b exhibits an arpeggiated line utilizing those similar voicings. .. D 7b nine# nine four. Flatted and Sharp Ninths b n n wwww Dominant 7th chords love additional notes, specially altered extensions just like the flatted 9th and sharp 9th, visible in Ex. four. positioned them either within the comparable voicing and your chords will leap! a ww Ex. 5a. & ## D7 D9 G9 G thirteen w n ww w n www n wwww n wwwww w w ? ## w b. w # j & # forty four œœœ ... n œœœ ˙˙˙ D thirteen ? # # forty four j œ. œ œ œ five. Ninths and 13ths G thirteen w www extra chord tones “resolve” in a variety of methods, usually downward. In Ex. five, whilst relocating from D9 to G9, the 5th turns into the 9th, and the 3rd strikes all the way down to the 7th. when you upload an E to the G9, you get a G13 chord. Now flow the 7th (F) down an octave, and also you get a “meat and potatoes” jazz voicing. Ex. 5b makes use of those new extensions in a development of D13 and G13. I’m utilizing three-note gospel voicings for a sparse, bluesy sound. nw w G thirteen ww w j œ. œ œ œ j œœ .. n œœ ˙˙ œ. œ ˙ j œ. œ œ œ ww w .. . j œ. œ œ œ . 01. 2014 Keyboard 31 Ex. 6. D maj7 D maj9 # & # forty four w ww ? ## four w four Ex. 7a. G www w # www w w ww ww b ww w ? # forty four w w In Ex. 6 we dig even deeper. upload a 9th to a big 7th chord to get the key 9th, then upload the pointy eleventh (G#). notice how it’s simply one other tone in a sequence of stacked thirds. Now upload the B (the thirteenth) on most sensible. scan with spreading out your voicing—here the fourth durations impart a latest sound. We build the pointy 5 by way of relocating the foremost triad’s 5th up a half-step, as in Ex. 7a. This creates a such a lot risky sounding chord. movement the basis all the way down to the 7th together with your thumb after which get to the bottom of all of it to a C9 chord. Ex. 7b indicates how there’s additionally a spot for the pointy 5 in significant 7th and 9th chords, taking you right into a spooky, dissonant area.

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