Mastering Wireless Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments

Scan, make the most, and crack instant networks through the use of the main complex innovations from defense professionals

About This Book

  • Conduct an entire instant penetration attempt and enforce shielding concepts that may be used to guard instant systems
  • Crack WEP, WPA, or even WPA2 instant networks
  • A hands-on advisor instructing find out how to divulge instant protection threats in the course of the eyes of an attacker

Who This e-book Is For

This publication is meant for defense pros who are looking to increase their instant penetration trying out talents and information. due to the fact that this ebook covers complicated recommendations, you'll want a few prior adventure in computing device defense and networking.

What you'll Learn

  • Learn the instant penetration trying out methodology
  • Crack WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encrypted networks
  • Scan and sniff instant networks for rogue entry issues and logins
  • Identify and discover susceptible hosts
  • Run vulnerability scans and make the most systems
  • Learn to guard your self from the most recent instant protection threats
  • Pivot among networks and structures to entry different hosts and networks

In Detail

Penetration trying out is a device for trying out desktops, networks, or net functions to discover vulnerabilities that an attacker may make the most. via appearing a penetration try, you could proactively establish which vulnerabilities are most crucial. this permits your company to extra intelligently prioritize remediation and follow useful safeguard patches to make sure that they're available.

This publication covers find out how to organize Kali Linux, test and sniff instant networks, and crack WEP, WPA, or even WPA2 encryption. by way of the top of this e-book, you are going to consider even more convinced by way of engaging in instant penetration checks, and you'll have a whole realizing of instant protection threats.

This e-book is stuffed with hands-on demonstrations and how-to tutorials. this may gain you, because the reader, in terms of defense expertise. Having a few wisdom of instant penetration checking out will be helpful.

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