MySQL Pocket Reference: SQL Statements, Functions and Utilities and more (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))

By George Reese

To assist you be extra effective on your paintings, this useful pocket reference supplies quick reminders on the way to use very important MySQL capabilities, in particular along side key components of the LAMP open resource infrastructure. This robust database procedure is so wealthy in good points that no administrator or programmer can remain accustomed to them all. MySQL Pocket Reference is a perfect on-the-job significant other, good geared up that will help you locate and adapt the statements you wish -- quickly.

Updated for the most recent models of this renowned database, this version covers many advanced positive factors which were additional to MySQL 5.0 and 5.1, together with a bit devoted to saved tactics and triggers. After a quick advent on set up and preliminary setup, the ebook explains:

  • How to configure MySQL, corresponding to atmosphere the foundation password
  • MySQL info varieties, together with numerics, strings, dates, and intricate types
  • SQL syntax, instructions, information forms, operators, and functions
  • Arithmetic, comparability and logical operators
  • Aggregate and common functions
  • Stored methods and triggers, together with method definition, method calls, process administration, cursors, and triggers

You do not have time to prevent and thumb via an exhaustive reference if you are not easy at paintings. This moveable and cheap advisor is sufficiently small to slot into your pocket, and offers you a handy reference so you might seek advice anyplace. in case you succeed in a sticking aspect and want to get to an answer speedy, the MySQL Pocket Reference is the e-book you must have.

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G. , choose AVG(score) FROM tests). BIT_AND(expression) Returns the bitwise AND combination of all of the values in expression (e. g. , pick out BIT_AND(flags) FROM options). a piece can be set within the consequence if and provided that the bit is determined in each enter box. BIT_OR(expression) Returns the bitwise OR combination of all of the values in expression (e. g. , choose BIT_OR(flags) FROM options). a piece is decided within the consequence whether it is set in not less than one of many enter fields. BIT_XOR(expression) Returns the bitwise XOR mixture of all of the values in expression with 64-bit precision. COUNT(expression) Returns the variety of instances expression used to be now not null. COUNT(*) will go back the variety of rows with a few information within the whole desk (e. g. , choose COUNT(*) FROM folders). GROUP_CONCAT([DISTNCT] expression [ORDER via {column | expression}] [SEPARATOR sep]) presents a string that mixes so as the entire effects marked through expression. MAX(expression) Returns the biggest worth in expression (e. g. , opt for MAX (elevation) FROM mountains). MIN(expression) Returns the smallest price in expression (e. g. , opt for MIN(level) FROM toxic_waste). STDDEV_POP(expression) Returns the normal deviation of the values in expression (e. g. , decide on STDDEV_POP(points) FROM data). additionally supported are the previous MySQL STD( ) and the Oracle STDDEV( ) functionality, which either use an analogous syntax yet aren't transportable. STDDEV_POP( ) is new normal SQL, supplied as of MySQL five. zero. three. STDDEV_SAMP([expression]) Returns the pattern average deviation of expression. SUM(expression) Returns the sum of the values in expression (e. g. , choose SUM(calories) FROM daily_diet). VAR_POP(expression) Returns the inhabitants commonplace variance of expression. This functionality considers the complete facts set and never a pattern. This functionality is new as of MySQL five. zero. three and replaces the older, nonstandard VARIANCE( ). VAR_SAMP(expression) Returns the pattern variance of expression. basic capabilities basic features function on a number of discrete values. now we have passed over a number of not often used capabilities with very really expert functions. ABS(number) Returns absolutely the worth of quantity (e. g. , ABS(-10) returns "10"). ACOS(number) Returns the inverse cosine of quantity in radians (e. g. , ACOS(0) returns "1. 570796"). ADDDATE(date, period, volume, kind) Synonym for DATE_ADD. ADDTIME(when,amount) provides the desired quantity as a TIME expression to the TIME or DATETIME of whilst. AES_DECRYPT(encrypted, key) Decrypts the AES-encoded string encrypted utilizing the desired key. AES_ENCRYPT(plain, key) Encrypts the apparent string in keeping with the desired encryption key utilizing AES encryption. The default is 128-bit encryption. As of MySQL five. zero, MySQL's AES encryption is the main cryptographically powerful encryption procedure in MySQL. ASCII(char) Returns the ASCII price of the given personality (e. g. , ASCII(h) returns 104). ASIN(number) Returns the inverse sine of quantity in radians (e. g. , ASIN(0) returns zero. 000000). ATAN(number) Returns the inverse tangent of quantity in radians (e. g. , ATAN(1) returns zero.

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