Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology: RSC

The constitution, functionality and reactions of nucleic acids are primary to molecular biology and are an important for the certainty of complicated organic techniques concerned. Revised and up to date Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology third variation discusses intimately, either the chemistry and biology of nucleic acids and brings RNA into parity with DNA. Written by means of top specialists, with wide instructing event, this re-creation presents a few up to date and improved insurance of nucleic acid chemistry, reactions and interactions with proteins and medication. a quick background of the invention of nucleic acids is through a molecularly dependent creation to the constitution and organic roles of DNA and RNA. Key chapters are dedicated to the chemical synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides, oligonucleotides and their analogues and to analytical thoughts utilized to nucleic acids. The textual content is supported by way of an intensive record of references, making it a definitive reference resource. This authoritative publication offers issues in an built-in demeanour and readable variety. it truly is excellent for graduate and undergraduates scholars of chemistry and biochemistry, in addition to new researchers to the sphere.

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