Object Oriented Perl: A Comprehensive Guide to Concepts and Programming Techniques

By Damian Conway

Techniques and tips to grasp simple and complicated OO Perl for programmers who have already got simple to intermediate abilities in procedural Perl.

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There are shrewdpermanent tips that permit a desk of styles to be matched successfully, yet as of Perl five. 005, it’s attainable to have the benefit of the interpolated answer with (almost) the rate of the hard-coded substitute. The function that makes this attainable is a brand new quote-like operator: qr. simply because the qq{…} operator converts its unmarried argument into an interpolated string literal, so the qr{…} operator takes its unmarried argument and converts it right into a Perl common expression. that's, qr{…} acts like simply the preliminary phases of an m{…} matching operator, in that it compiles a standard expression, yet doesn’t really fit it opposed to something. as a substitute, it returns a connection with the compiled common expression. So an announcement like: $rxref = qr{[A-Za-z_][A-Za-z0-9_]*}; motives $rxref to include a connection with a customary expression that may fit any Perl identifier. The reference in $rxref can then be interpolated into development fits and substitutions similar to a string, other than that once it really is interpolated, the commonplace expression doesn’t have to be reparsed, rechecked, or recompiled: a hundred and forty four C H A P T ER five B L E SS I N G O T HE R T H I NG S $pattern_string= qq{[A-Za-z_]\w*};# Make a development string $regex_reference= qr{[A-Za-z_]\w*};# Make a regex reference $str =~ m/$pattern_string/;# Interpolate string, recompile regex, then fit $str =~ m/$regex_reference/;# Interpolate precompiled regex, then fit that implies lets rewrite the sooner instance like this: @regexes =( qr /(\w*(cat))/,# Note:as with q or qq, qr {(\w*(dog))},# you should use any qr |(\w*(fish))|,# delimiters for qr ); whereas (<>) { foreach $regex ( @regexes ) { /$regex/ and print "a $1 is one of those $2\n" and final; } } This model is sort of 70 percentage as quick because the hard-coded one, yet a lot more uncomplicated to take care of for big numbers of normal expressions. five. 1. 2 Why an object-oriented standard expression type? firstly look, there would appear to be little justification for wrapping the wolf of normal expressions within the sheep’s garments of a category. development matching is such an essential component of Perl, it kind of feels ordinary to need to encapsulate and summary it. the most obvious reaction is that, even supposing usual expressions are on the center of Perl’s attraction, also they are mostly answerable for its attractiveness as a language outfitted from line-noise. the mix of the terse and symbol-ridden syntax for styles, the normal collection of /…/ delimiters, and the unfamiliarity of the =~ and ! ~ operators, could make a uncooked development fit glance imprecise. a lot will be stated for changing whatever that appears like comic-book profanity:1 ($tmp=$@)=~s/,(. *),//s and $_. ="$tmp:$1" for (@_); with a extra readable object-oriented syntax: use English; use Regexp; my $middle = Regexp->new(',(. *),',SINGLE_LINE); foreach (@ARGS) { $middle->substitute($tmp=$EVAL_ERROR,"") and $ARG . = "$tmp:". $middle->backref(1); } 1 It really says: for every portion of the present subroutine’s argument record, take a replica of the final mistakes message, find something among commas, and, if whatever appropriate is located, flow the bit among the commas to the top of the replica of the mistake message and append the end result to the unique argument.

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