Petticoat Heroes: Rethinking the Rebecca Riots

The wave of unrest which came about in 1840s Wales, referred to as ‘Rebeccaism’ or ‘the Rebecca riots’, stands proud as successful tale in the mostly gloomy annals of renowned fight and defeat. the tale is remembered in brilliant and compelling pictures: assaults on tollgates and different symbols of perceived injustice through farmers and staff, outlandishly wearing bonnets and petticoats and led through the enduring nameless determine of Rebecca herself. The occasions shape a center a part of historic research and remembrance in Wales, and often seem in broader paintings on British radicalism and Victorian protest hobbies. This booklet attracts on cultural background, gender reports and symbolic anthropology to offer clean and substitute arguments at the that means of Rebeccaite gown and formality; the importance of the female in protest; the hyperlinks among protest and pop culture; using Rebecca’s photograph in Victorian press and political discourse; and the ways that the occasions and just like Rebecca herself have been built-in into politics, tradition and renowned reminiscence in Wales and past. these types of facets pay off better attention than they've got but been accorded, and spotlight the relevance of Rebeccaism to British and eu well known protest – as much as and together with the current day.

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