PHP 5 Social Networking

By Michael Peacock

This ebook is a fast paced instructional concentrating on making a Social Networking framework via an ongoing case research. It offers loads of real-world code, with accomplished clarification and dialogue. With each one bankruptcy, the Social Networking framework is prolonged, with extra performance being further as we development throughout the e-book. This booklet is basically aimed toward Hypertext Preprocessor builders, yet is acceptable for any internet builders trying to extend their wisdom and figuring out of Social Networking strategies. Intermediate wisdom of personal home page and object-oriented programming is thought, besides a easy wisdom of MySQL.

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Public functionality buildURL( $bits, $qs, $admin ) { $admin = ( $admin == 1 ) ? $this->registry->getSetting('admin_ folder') . '/' : ''; $the_rest = ''; foreach( $bits as $bit ) { $the_rest . = $bit . '/'; } $the_rest = ( $qs ! = '' ) ? $the_rest . '? &' . $qs : $the_rest; go back $this->registry->getSetting('siteurl') . $admin . $the_rest; } [ fifty five ] obtain from Wow! booklet Planning and constructing the center Framework Extending the registry: strength new items there are numerous different positive aspects that lets upload to our registry if we wanted to make it extra robust, together with: • having access to the dossier method • improving safeguard: • °° Checking opposed to a banned checklist °° Checking the structure of sure facts producing and processing RSS feeds entrance Controller: unmarried aspect of entry As we mentioned prior, we will enforce front Controller development. this can offer us with a unmarried element of entry to the framework powering Dino house. index. personal home page Our entrance controller is our index. personal home page dossier. the very first thing we must always do is name session_start, as this has to be performed prior to something is distributed to the browser, so by way of calling it first, we all know this can be the case. session_start(); we must always additionally outline a framework direction consistent, so if we're in one other dossier in other places, and we have to entry a dossier relative to the framework direction, we will be able to use this consistent. Overuse of constants is not suggested, although, and we're simply going to exploit them on events the place applicable. DEFINE("FRAMEWORK_PATH", dirname( __FILE__ ) . "/" ); subsequent, we have to construct our registry, and inform it which gadgets to create. As you will discover, the authenticate item is commented out, till we talk about this in bankruptcy three. require('registry/registry. category. php'); $registry = new Registry(); // setup our middle registry items $registry->createAndStoreObject( 'template', 'template' ); $registry->createAndStoreObject( 'mysqldb', 'db' ); //$registry->createAndStoreObject( 'authenticate', 'authenticate' ); $registry->createAndStoreObject( 'urlprocessor', 'url' ); [ fifty six ] obtain from Wow! e-book Chapter 2 subsequent, we will be able to comprise our configuration dossier, and attach to the database. // database settings include(FRAMEWORK_PATH . 'config. php'); // create a database connection $registry->getObject('db')->newConnection( $configs['db_host_sn'], $configs['db_user_sn'], $configs['db_pass_sn'], $configs['db_name_sn']); Now that we're attached to the database, we will be able to search for any settings now we have in an appropriate settings desk, and shop them in our registries settings array. this could be for such things as: directors notification email handle, default view, if yes gains are enabled, and any API keys that we might have if we connect with third-party providers. // shop settings in our registry $settingsSQL = "SELECT `key`, `value` FROM settings"; $registry->getObject('db')->executeQuery( $settingsSQL ); whereas( $setting = $registry->getObject('db')->getRows() ) { $registry->storeSetting( $setting['value'], $setting['key'] ); } the subsequent level will be to ascertain if the consumer is logged in, construct the default template, and comprise the precise controller.

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