Professional Android 4 Application Development

By Reto Meier

Developers, construct cellular Android apps utilizing Android 4

The fast-growing approval for Android smartphones and drugs creates an enormous possibilities for builders. in case you are an skilled developer, you can begin growing strong cellular Android apps instantaneously with this specialist consultant to Android four software improvement. Written by way of considered one of Google's lead Android developer advocates, this useful ebook walks you thru a chain of hands-on initiatives that illustrate the beneficial properties of the Android SDK. that comes with all of the new APIs brought in Android three and four, together with construction for pills, utilizing the motion Bar, wireless Direct, NFC Beam, and more.

  • Shows skilled builders tips to create cellular purposes for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Revised and extended to hide the entire Android SDK releases together with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), together with all up to date APIs, and the most recent adjustments to the Android platform.
  • Explains new and more suitable gains corresponding to drag and drop, fragments, the motion bar, greater multitouch help, new environmental sensor aid, significant advancements to the animation framework, and quite a number new communications innovations together with NFC and wireless direct.
  • Provides sensible counsel on publishing and advertising your purposes, most sensible practices for consumer event, and more

This booklet is helping you learn how to grasp the layout, lifecycle, and UI of an Android app via functional workouts, that you may then use as a foundation for constructing your personal Android apps.

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