Psychology: Perspectives and Connections, 3rd Edition

By Gregory J. Feist

Challenging Assumptions. simply because we “think” whatever doesn’t make it actual. Feist’s obtainable method of technological know-how is helping scholars problem their assumptions, comprehend study, and realize that during Psychology, it’s no longer all black and white.

almost all scholars input Introductory Psychology with preconceived notions―many of them flawed. Psychology: views and Connections is designed to maneuver scholars past what could appear noticeable to them, to have them reevaluate the options and ideology they bring about to the path. Feist & Rosenberg problem scholars: Don’t think every thing you're thinking that! scholars are inspired to imagine seriously and query preconceived notions, placing their ideas―and the information of others―to the attempt and remember that no one standpoint tells the complete story.

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