Saga of a Wayward Sailor

By Tristan Jones

Saga of a Wayward Sailor is the attractive story of Tristan Jones' crusing adventures round the North Atlantic aboard the Cresswell. Jones survives storms, dismastings, arrest through the Soviet military, being sunk via whales, and the smuggling of Edam cheese and Barbary apes. via his eyes we get to satisfy an exciting forged of dockside characters: Karl, the German fish-canning salesman; Pete, the Australian smuggler; Sissie, the Englishwoman who wheedles her means completely aboard; and Nelson, Jones' three-legged dog.

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Months of semistarvation within the Arctic ice had given me a mania approximately adequate meals offers. at any time when I checked out whatever first thing that went via my brain was once: Is it fit to be eaten? In Helsinki, the place I visited the paintings museum, I had checked out a Matisse, for instance, and idea to myself: What bloody use could that be if there have been no foodstuff round? the following morning I woke to discover the boat permeated with the odor of cheese. I lit the small coke range and made breakfast—Edam cheese, in fact, and burgoo and tea, with a cheroot to stick with. and that i considered all that nutrition. i used to be like a guy who had gained a nation lottery! Now i may sail ceaselessly. Then I heard a commotion ashore. searching through the doghouse porthole, I spied a number of gents grouped at the jetty, donning fedora and derby hats and raincoats right down to their ankles. Nelson growled from his burgoo bowl. “Pipe down, previous son,” I murmered. “If these aren’t rozzers then I’m a Dutchman. ” i presumed quickly. there has been no likelihood of boating the boat out, and besides, if I left in a rush the sport will be up. I stoked the fireplace within the coke range and poured on extra gasoline; then I received my seaboot stockings, which hadn’t been washed seeing that Helsinki, 4 months prior to, and draped them round the range. by the point the detectives got here onboard the temperature down lower than with the coke range gleaming, was once as much as approximately a hundred and twenty. where stank like a stockyard drain. On most sensible of that, i used to be smoking 3 cheroots straight away. one of many detectives, a massive fats guy, clambered down the companionway, wasting his derby hat within the strategy (which Nelson went for immediately, chewing it right into a wreck). The rozzer stood in his raincoat on the backside of the hatchway, and in seconds was once sweating like a coolie. “We are trying to find a volume of cheese which used to be stolen from this warehouse final evening. we're puzzling over should you may need obvious or heard whatever? ” “It was once raining final night,” I acknowledged. I too was once sweating like a pig. The range was once nearly starting off through now and the seaboot stockings have been steaming like a locomotive. The stink was once really good. “It used to be raining, and naturally in a ship it’s tough to listen to whatever via that noise. i used to be drained and went to sleep. ” through now the perspiration was once rolling down the policeman’s collar and he was once evidently uncomfortable. i'll see that he desired to seek the boat, yet this may require the presence of a Justice of the Peace and in addition the British consul from Amsterdam, as Cresswell was once de facto British territory and the Dutch police had no jurisdiction onboard her. With a “Gott verdommer! ” he took off topsides, and as he stepped ashore I heard him mutter to 1 of his colleagues: “Verdommdt Englander! ” I chuckled and patted Nelson. Then we laid low for the day. the subsequent morning I allow move the strains and attempted to kedge Cresswell out of the warehouse canal. She had long gone down a couple of inches with the additional weight of cheese, yet now i discovered that she used to be good and really caught within the dust. So there i used to be, sunk in a Dutch canal with a whole bunch stolen cheese onboard and where crawling with the legislation.

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