Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship

Scouting for Boys introduced one of many biggest, quickest becoming pursuits in heritage. Scouts of every age will get pleasure from this notable selection of crime fixing suggestions, open air expeditions, battle tales, and first-aid education. Lord Robert Baden-Powell is helping boys and leaders turn into powerful, ready voters via fascinating adventures on this planet of scouting.

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Arrows fly earlier. JOHN SMITH fires, lots, and fires back, speaking for all time, whereas his local advisor crouches again alarmed. ) SMITH (laughing). Ha! ha I they prefer now not my rifle-fire. They run, the canine! one other bites the airborne dirt and dust. (Patting his rifle. ) good performed, thou trusty Bess—thou artwork an exceptional lass! There! Have at them back. (Fires. ) solid; one other falls! yet now they rally and are available on again—their chief supplies them center. good, and we are going to supply them lead. (Fires back. To his advisor, who's very anxious. ) Cheer up. Gadzooks, yet i admire their ninety leader—that final ball struck him, nonetheless he fainteth no longer. He leads them on back. by way of my head! yet we will but have a good struggle of it. relief me, St. George, and allow me express what stuff an Englishman is made from. (As he presses ahead the advisor in his worry slips down and unintentionally drags SMITH down with him. ) How now—fool? you might have undone me. (Indians rush in from both sides and spring directly to SMITH, and after a serious fight trap and bind his palms in the back of his again. He stands panting and smiling. The Indians stand again to both sides white EAGLE’S WING—with one arm bleeding—addresses him. ) EAGLE’S WING. So, satan, we now have thee stuck eventually. 4 strong warriors hast thou despatched to their chuffed searching grounds, yet our flip has come and we've got thee fast—a prize, for kings—and for our King. ninety one Captain John Smith. SMITH. good, ’twas an exceptional struggle, and also you should win for dealing with rifle-fire, that you had by no means obvious earlier than. I may still wish to shake you by way of the hand had I a hand loose to do it with. ninety two But by means of St. George, had it no longer been for this white-livered knave who dragged me down, there may were extra of you to hitch your hunting-party down lower than. yet who's this who comes? (Scouts refrain heard with out “Ingonyama,” and so on. Scouts all bring up their fingers and take part the refrain, taking a look off to the R. ) (Enter KING POWHATTAN, R. , together with his chiefs and warriors. ) KING. How now! Eagle’s Wing, what have you ever right here? EAGLE’S WING. My lord, we've simply fought and foiled a truly satan. We killed him no longer so that you, our liege, may have him to work out and query and to kill your self. (Brings gun. ) He used the lightning and the thunder of Heaven with this engine, in order that he killeth these he hateth. 4 folks lie yonder afflicted lifeless therewith. he's a really satan. KING to SMITH. So! What be you? satan or witch or Indian painted white? What do you right here? SMITH. Hail, King! i'm no witch nor devil—nothing yet a man—an Englishman, that's anything greater than a trifling guy. I stumbled on the seas. 5 moons it took me; thus far away my kingdom is. yet right here i'm, and the place i'm there persist with others. And we come to inform you of a better King than thou. Our King who's now to be your king additionally. ninety three KING (very angry). What! a better King than I? Knave, how dare you, even if satan or no—how dare thou communicate like this? KING. Aye, i've got heard of those white people. artwork now not afraid? SMITH. Nay. i've got confronted the seas and storms, the anger of the weather, beside which the craze of fellows is particularly small.

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