Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

By John Anthony West

John Anthony West's innovative reinterpretation of the civilization of Egypt demanding situations all that has been authorised as dogma relating old Egypt. during this pioneering research West records that: Hieroglyphs hold airtight messages that show the subtler realities of the Sacred technology of the Pharaohs. Egyptian technological know-how, medication, arithmetic, and astronomy have been extra subtle than most up-to-date Egyptologists recognize. Egyptian wisdom of the universe used to be a legacy from a hugely subtle civilization that flourished millions of years in the past. the good Sphinx represents geological evidence that this sort of civilization existed. This revised variation incorporates a new creation linking Egyptian religious technology with the perennial knowledge culture and an appendix updating West's paintings in redating the Sphinx. Illustrated with over one hundred forty pictures and line drawings.

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D. in  Physics  from  Berlin  collage  in  1933,  an ideal  time and place at which  to learn  that  the  nationwide  nation  represented  the  apogee  of  growth. Author's  be aware. ]  Peter  Tompkins  Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids Harper 8c  Row,  1976, p. 256  As  the  numbers  1296  and  864  have been  the  key  to  unravelling  the  astronomical  and  geodetic  secrets and techniques  of  the  nice  Pyramid,  they  may well  in  due  direction  unravel  the  mysteries  of  the  Mesoamerican  pyramids. Is  it  a  twist of fate  that  a  circle  of  1,296,000  devices  has  a  radius  of  206,  265  devices  and  that  20,  6264  is  the  size  of  either  an  English  and  an  Egyptian  cubit,  that  the  Hebrew  shekel  weighs  129. 6  grams,  and  the  English  guinea  129. 6  grains,  and the measure of the Most Holy  in  Solomon's  Temple  is  1296  inches? Not only  was once  the number  1,296,000  the  numerical  foundation  for  astronomical  measurements  as  a ways  again  as  the  documents  are  traceable,  it  was once  additionally  the  favourite  quantity  in  Plato's  mystic  symbolism. differently  bereft  of  sense,  spent  a lot  time  and  inspiration. Pyramidology  used to be  a  hotly  contested  highbrow  factor. But in  Smyth's ostensibly  scientific context,  the  theory stood  or  fell  upon  the  validity  of  the  'pyramid  inch',  a  degree  invented  by way of  Smyth and manifested in no other Egyptian monu­ ment  or  metric  equipment. while  this  was once  disproved  by means of  the  nonetheless  more exacting measurements of W. M. Flinders Petrie,  the the­ ory  was once  undermined,  although  fanatics  persevered  to  learn  extra  and  extra  targeted  prophecies  into  the  king's  chamber. With  the  creation  of  the  area  age,  non secular  descendants  of  the  pyramidologists  (Erich  Von  Danikin  is  the  least  credible,  accordingly  such a lot  winning  of  these)  proceed  to  suggest  new  and  excellent  makes use of  for  the pyramids:  they served as  landing pads for  house  ships  or were protective  baffles  for ancient  scientists  faucet­ ping  the  power  of  the  Van  Allen  belt. pointless  to say,  those  theories are backed by no concrete evi­ dence. But if lack of evidence constitutes  the criterion  for judg­ ing the crankiness of any given  theory,  then  there is one theory  crankier  than  all  the  fantasising  of  the  pyramidologists  and  the UFO  freaks. This is  the theory  that the great pyramids were  equipped  as  tombs,  and  as  tombs  in basic terms. In  help  of  this  conception  there  is  no  direct  or  oblique  evi­ dence whatsoever. While the numerous small pyramids of Mid­ dle  and  overdue  country  Egypt  have been  truly  and  evidently  designed  as  tombs,  and  have  disclosed  a  wealth  of  mummies  and  coffins,  the  8  'great'  pyramids  assigned  to  the  3rd  and  Fourth  Dynasties  of  the  outdated  nation  have  published  no  sign of either coffin  or mummy. The construction of these vast  edifices  differs  in  every way  from  the later  tombs. The curious,  slanting  passageways  might  no longer  in all probability  be  much less  conducive  to  the  complicated  funerary  rituals  for which  Egypt was  famed.

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