Sinatra: Up and Running

By Alan Harris, Konstantin Haase

Take good thing about Sinatra, the Ruby-based internet program library and domain-specific language utilized by GitHub, LinkedIn, Engine backyard, and different widespread agencies. With this concise publication, you are going to fast achieve operating wisdom of Sinatra and its minimalist method of development either standalone and modular internet applications.

Sinatra serves as a light-weight wrapper round Rack middleware, with syntax that maps heavily to services uncovered through HTTP verbs, which makes it excellent for net prone and APIs. when you've got event construction purposes with Ruby, you will fast study language basics and spot under-the-hood suggestions, with the aid of numerous useful examples. Then you will get hands-on event with Sinatra by way of development your personal weblog engine.

  • Learn Sinatra's center recommendations, and start via development an easy application
  • Create perspectives, deal with periods, and paintings with Sinatra direction definitions
  • Become accustomed to the language's internals, and take a better examine Rack
  • Use varied subclass tools for development versatile and powerful architectures
  • Put Sinatra to paintings: construct a web publication that takes benefit of provider hooks supplied through the GitHub API

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