Solomon's Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs (Society of Biblical Literature. Ancient Israel and Its Liter)

By Scott B. Noegel

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The previous Persian note, by the way, is without delay endured through smooth Persian pālez “garden,” and it additionally serves because the resource for Armenian partez “garden” (an early loanword, borrowed prior to the Armenian consonant shift happened) and Greek παράδεισος. this data additionally courtesy of Michael Weiss (see past note). 19. See B. Brentjes, “The background of Elam and Achaemenid Persia: An Overview,” in Civilizations of the traditional close to East (ed. J. M. Sasson; big apple: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1995), 1011–12. 20. If one accepts the case for an Iranian observe getting into Hebrew at a comparatively early date, a possible parallel may well exist within the be aware ‫ פלדה‬in Nah 2:4, assuming this be aware does suggest “steel” and that it truly is certainly derived from Iranian (cf. sleek Persian pūlād). in fact, Nahum dates to the very finish of the Assyrian interval, during which aspect Iranian loans into Semitic are extra believable, whether the conquest of Cyrus the good used to be nonetheless 80 or so years away. 178 SOLOMON’S winery ian-Median interplay, with numerous floruits in the course of the 8th and 7th centuries (under the Omrides and below Jeroboam II, respectively). 21 All of those notions, even if, needs to stay hugely speculative and with none genuine assisting proof. in contrast, there's massive facts pointing to a overdue visual appeal of ‫ פרדס‬in Hebrew, specifically because it is utilized in track 4:13 with the that means “garden. ” As famous above, the Akkadian pardēsu “enclosed backyard” is attested basically from the 6th century b. c. e. onward,22 whilst a Persian presence is first felt within the so much direct demeanour. The Greek facts helps this rivalry. Xenophon makes use of the time period παράδεισος for the excitement parks utilized by the Persian kings,23 even though the most emphasis seems to be as huge enclosures jam-packed with wild animals for looking, with a secondary specialise in forests as a resource of bushes. 24 The time period isn't used to explain the gardens of Pasargadae and Persepolis, for instance. purely from the 3rd century b. c. e. onward did the Greek note παράδεισος come to intend “garden, orchard. ” The Hebrew notice ‫ פרדס‬appears within the Bible two times somewhere else: Qoh 2:5 and Neh 2:8. The latter reference approximates Xenophon’s utilization, because the context in Nehemiah is a private wooded area belonging to the king, with an legitimate known as ‫“ שׁמר הפרדס‬the keeper of the enclosure” in command of the distribution of wooden wanted for the development of the town gates and the gates of the temple in Jerusalem. The passages in tune 4:13 and Qoh 2:5, against this, consult with gardens and orchards with fruit timber in them. there is not any cause to imagine a priori that the semantics of Hebrew ‫ פרדס‬exactly parallels that of Greek παράδεισος, but when it does, because the latter involves suggest “garden, orchard” fairly past due, then one might date the ultimate type of the 2 biblical scrolls to a truly overdue interval in addition. 25 nevertheless, one 21. Of this opinion is usually F. Dorseiff, Antike und modify Orient (Leipzig: Koehler & Amelang, 1959), two hundred. we haven't been capable of seek advice his paintings without delay, yet Oswald Loretz, Qohelet und der alte Orient: Untersuchungen zu Stil und theologischer Thematik des Buches Qohelet (Freiburg: Herder, 1964), 23 n.

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