Studies in the Romanization of Italy

Mario Torelli's essays offer a complete photo of these an important centuries of Roman heritage which bring about the tota Italia of the Augustan age. reviews within the Romanization of Italy offers a close research of the socio-economic and cultural heritage and paints an entire photograph of the fabric facts from a couple of Italian areas and numerous neighborhood events concerning the interval among the overdue Republic and the Early Empire.

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C. ] METELLIUS C. F. The inscription from Cortona, CIL XI, 1905, merits a correct image reconstruction as i feel, opposed to Liou (69), that at line 5 it truly is more uncomplicated to combine [pr] than [aed. ]. the results of this sort of switch to the respective lists is apparent. The reconstruction could have justified a interpreting as follows: [C. (? ) MJetellius C. f. Stel. Gal[lus] IIII vir aed. [C. ] Metellius C. f. St[el. ] IIII vir. aed. , q. , [pr. ] Etruriae, III vir. i. d. [(bis? )]. it's obtrusive that the second one identify refers back to the father of the 1st guy (perhaps he died at an early age) when you consider that he didn't have—unlike his son—a cognomen. therefore, as Liou admits, traces and 4 are whole (the picture in actual fact indicates this) and imposes an obvious and rigorous development of the epigraphic textual content at the a part of the quadratarius. In flip, this leaves within the reduce left line 5, adequate area for under letters and never 3, hence for PR(aetor) and never AED(ilis). Bormann22 first refused to just accept the complement [pr(aetor)] since it didn't accord together with his reconstruction of the Etruscan league within the CIL. in its place, while free of the cares of the former article and having the inscription handy, he selected the latter complement. Liou, liberating himself too suddenly from a clumsy scenario, says parenthetically "nous ne croyons pas a l'eventualite de praetor, PR. " The absence of the cognomen and the luxurious operating of the textual content strength us so far the inscription to the 1st 1/2 __ 86 — Toward the background of Etruria the 1st century A. D. : right here, then, is one other possible praetor prior to Hadrian. thirteen. A. VICIRIUS A. F. Liou offers little or no scope for argument to that end, even if i will not simply settle for the speculation that we're facing an ancestor of A. Vicirius Proculus, cos. suff. 89 and A. Vicirius Martialis, cos. suff. ninety eight. Liou (73, word I) opportunely reminds us of Viciria A. f. Archais (CIL X 1440), mom of M. Nonius Balbus of Nocera. One should still word that M. Nonius Balbus married an Etruscan Volasennia C. f. Tertia, in all likelihood of Clusine foundation. the instance of Urgulania, who "forced" a coverage of "Etruscan" marriages at the Plautii Silvani, from Trebala Suffenas, may provide a chronological terminus for parallels. the single nice hassle is the over the top chronological hole among the Viciria of the Herculaneum inscriptions and the vague Flavian consuls. In impact, i locate it tricky to visualize this kind of sluggish occupation development for this equestrian family members from Chiusi. 14. L. ALFIUS QUIENTUS it really is tricky to argue with Liou's research (7 three notice 2) of this inscription bearing on this guy from Chiusi (CIL XI, 2 116 = ILS, 6610). The observations about the praefectura fabrum are specifically brilliant. 15. T. EGNATIUS RUFUS The inscription (CIL XI, 3615 = ILS, 3257) is among the key issues within the learn of the traditional Italic and Etruscan magistracies, and Liou's dialogue (75-77) is proscribed to the only federal magistracy held through Egnatius Rufus. the majority of the issues raised via the textual content concerning the magistracies of Caere are constrained to a word the place very important references are scattered all through: this remedy creates problems for the reader.

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