Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

Can yoga and meditation unharness our inherent supernormal psychological powers, similar to telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition? Is it fairly attainable to understand one other person's concepts and intentions? effect items with our minds? Envision destiny occasions? And is it attainable that many of the superpowers defined in historical legends, technology fiction, and comedian books are literally genuine, and patiently looking ahead to us behind the curtain? Are we now poised for an evolutionary set off to tug the swap and unlock our complete potentials?

Dean Radin, Director of analysis on the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and bestselling writer of The unsleeping Universe, presents persuasive new experimental facts for the lifestyles of such phenomena. he is taking us on an exciting medical trip and demanding situations superseded assumptions that those talents are mere superstition. concentrating on Patanjali's mysterious Yoga Sutras -- 2,000 year-old meditation practices believed to unencumber our amazing powers -- Radin deals strong proof confirming that typically truth is far stranger, spookier, and extra tremendous than the wildest fiction.

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Nonetheless, the sages insist it's a possibility, and either historical past and modern examples verify that it really is attainable. those humans smile and chuckle an excessive amount of. They burst with radiant well-being and generosity. we're suspicious of them. They’ve been remodeled extraordinary, and it indicates. 151 As William James wrote within the different types of non secular adventure: The yogi, or disciple, who has by means of those potential triumph over the obscurations of his reduce nature sufficiently, enters into the situation termed samadhi, and springs nose to nose with proof which no intuition or cause can ever understand. eighty three (page 293) even with being ineffable, very much has been written approximately this profound event due to its impressive nature. based on thinker of mysticism Robert Forman: In those short moments, one knows no specific content material for understanding, but nonetheless continues to be unsleeping within. now not contemplating whatever, conscious of no emotions or perceptions, recognition is left, very easily, by myself. and since one knows no items, we would describe the “structure” of expertise at these moments as realization having no dating among itself and its items: attention on my own, no content material. however the moment constitution is either extra advanced and extra fascinating. For this is often the 1st everlasting shift, the 1st degree of enlightenment. … cognizance now perceives itself in itself, and as particular from and witness to every thing one sees and does. 152 (page 70) Sadhana Pada the second one e-book of the Yoga Sutras describes the perform of yoga. The objective of perform is to wreck out of the harmful conduct that distract the brain and in flip create discomfort. Patanjali describes a mode often called ashtanga, or the eightfold direction. course 1 is Yama, restraining from destructive habit, or cautions on what habit to prevent. This comprises violence, damage, telling falsehoods, stealing, lasciviousness, greed, and as a rule adopting moral and virtuous habit. course 2 is Niyama, constructing useful habit, or guidance on what behaviors to inspire. This contains cleanliness, austerity, cultivating an angle of gratitude and contentment, and being engaged in a disciplined perform of concentration, devotion, and self-study. direction three is Asana, improvement of actual postures. those are designed to aid the brain and physique in enjoyable, via improvement of energy, stability, and suppleness. the aim of the asanas is to arrange the physique to very easily stand up to the pains of long term meditation. direction four is Pranayama, unsleeping respiring recommendations. those extra the mind’s skill to concentration, and so they energize the physique. direction five is Pratyhara, retreating from usual sensory perceptions and restricting concentration to a unmarried item of consciousness. limiting one’s consciousness frees the eye to pay attention to inner items of cognizance, fostering much more tranquility of brain. direction 6 is Dharana, constructing a gentle, sustained focus. the basis note dhri in dharana potential “to hold”; one holds cognizance on a unmarried item of inspiration.

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