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Adeno-, aden- [Gr. ade¯n, gland] Prefixes that means gland. adenoacanthoma (adЉe˘-no¯akЉanЉtho¯Јma˘) [adeno- ϩ acanthoma] Adenocarcinoma during which a few cells have gone through squamous metaplasia. adenoameloblastoma (adЉe˘-no¯-amЉe˘-lo¯blas-to¯Јma˘) [adeno- ϩ ameloblastoma] A benign tumor of the jaw originating from ameloblasts. SYN: adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. adenoblast (adЈe˘-no¯-blastЉ) [adeno- ϩ Name /bks_51769_tabers/51769_a 08/02/2012 03:42PM adenocarcinoma -blast] Any tissue that produces secretory or glandular task. adenocarcinoma (adЉe˘-no¯-karЉsı˘n-o¯Јma˘) [adeno- ϩ carcinoma] A malignant tumor that originates in glandular tissues, e. g. , the breast, the pancreas, or the prostate. SYN: glandular carcinoma. adenocarcinomatous (-ma˘t-u˘s), adj. acinar a. Adenocarcinoma during which the cells are within the form of alveoli. SYN: alveolar a. alveolar a. Acinar a. fetal a. an extraordinary kind of adenocarcinoma of the lung, reminiscent of fetal lung tissue whilst tested microscopically. It comprises columnar cells that experience a transparent cytoplasm and oval nuclei. a. in situ ABBR: AIS. A localized cluster of malignant showing cells present in a gland yet now not but spreading outdoors the basement membrane of the gland. adenocele (adЈe˘-no¯-se¯lЉ) [adeno- ϩ -cele] 1. A cystic tumor bobbing up from a gland. 2. A tumor of glandular constitution. adenocellulitis (adЉe˘-no¯-selЉyu˘-lı¯tЈis) [adeno- ϩ cellulitis] Inflammation of a gland and adjoining mobile tissue. adenocyst (adЈe˘-no¯-sistЉ) [adeno- ϩ -cyst] A cystic tumor coming up from a gland. adenodynia (a˘dЉe˘-no¯-dı˘nЈe¯-a˘) [aden- ϩ -odynia] soreness in a gland. SYN: adenalgia. adenoepithelioma (adЉe˘-no¯-epЉı˘-the¯lЉe¯o¯Јma˘) [adeno- ϩ epithelioma] A tumor which includes glandular and epithelial parts. adenofibroma (adЉe˘-no¯-fı¯-bro¯Јma˘) [adeno- ϩ fibroma] A tumor of fibrous and glandular tissue. it really is usually present in the uterus or breast. adenofibrosis (adЉe˘-no¯-fı¯-bro¯Јsis) [adeno- ϩ fibrosis] The irregular development of fibrous or connective tissue inside glandular tissue. adenogenous (adЉe˘-nojЈe˘-nu˘s) [adenoϩ Gr. gennan, to supply] Originating in glandular tissue. adenohypophysis (adЉe˘-no¯-hı¯-pofЈı˘-sis) [adeno- ϩ hypophysis] The component to the pituitary gland containing secretory cells that unlock the hormones adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), development hormone (GH), luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). The adenohypophysis makes up eighty% of the pituitary gland. it's an epithelial tissue that develops from the roof of the embryonic mouth. SYN: anterior lobe; anterior lobe of pituitary gland; anterior pituitary. adenohypophyseal (-hı¯ЉpoЉfı˘-se¯Јa˘l), adj. adenohypophysial (-hı¯Љpo˘-fizЈe¯-a˘l), adj. adenoid (adЈ(e˘-)noydЉ) [aden- ϩ -oid] 1. Having the looks of a gland; forty nine Plate # 0-Composite pg forty nine # 2 adenoma lymphoid. 2. Pert. to the adenoids three. Pert. to or affected with enlarged adenoids. adenoidal (adЈ(e˘-)noydЉa˘l) 1. A colloquial time period for pert. to or affected with abnormally enlarged pharyngeal tonsils in childrens.

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