Tempest: Geometries of Play (Landmark Video Games)

Atari’s 1981 arcade hit Tempest was a “tube shooter” outfitted round gleaming, vector-based geometric shapes. between its many vital contributions to either online game and cultural history, Tempest was one of many first advertisement titles to permit avid gamers to settle on the game’s preliminary play hassle (a procedure Atari dubbed “SkillStep”), a function that has because grew to become common for video games of all types. Tempest was additionally probably the most aesthetically impactful video games of the 20 th century, lending its crisp, vector aesthetic to many next videos, tv indicates, and games. during this ebook, Ruggill and McAllister enumerate and analyze Tempest’s landmark traits, exploring the game’s aesthetics, improvement context, and connections to and effect on online game background and tradition. by way of describing the sport in technical, old, and ludic aspect, they unpack the game’s latent and take place audio-visual iconography and the ideological meanings this iconography evokes.

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