The Fullness of the Logos in the Key of Life: Book 2: Christo-Logos: Metaphysical Rhapsodies of Faith (Analecta Husserliana, Volume 111)

This hugely own account of a lifetime’s non secular and philosophical enquiry charts the author’s trip of religion via modern tradition. Distinguishing among what she posits because the ‘universal’ and the ‘rhapsodic’ trademarks, Tymieniecka interrogates suggestions as diverse as creativity and the media, pleasure and agony, and fact and ambiguity. She contemplates the probabilities and bounds of conversation among humans, and descriptions what she calls the ‘transnatural destiny’ of the human soul.

The booklet asserts that not like idea, which unfolds a logical continuity, and in contrast to discussion, that is directed sequentially upward towards highbrow conclusions, the mode of mirrored image of the ‘rhapsodic logos’ imposes no limits or caps upon its figuring out. as a substitute, the ‘logoic’ movement interlaces the rhapsodic cadences of our reflections on fact, in all their innumerable fluctuations, and sifts them to mildew the intimate mind/soul inwardness that we event as faith.

The radiative meditations of this ‘rhapsodic logos’ weave their method throughout the entanglements of the secret of incarnation, the constitutive archetypes, the inwardly sacred, the transnatural future of the soul, and eventually ascend the rhapsodic scales towards culminating religion within the Christo-Logos.

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Yet does this suggest to find instantaneously its message? to the contrary, now we have slightly reached the brink. we want nonetheless to go this threshold throughout the eventually own ethical ache that decomposes our own self, the approach of our moral, aesthetic, cultural valuation, loved aspirations and beliefs, of our uniquely personal beliefs for our personal lifestyles and that of the generations we partake of. finally, we'd like the ultimate dissolution of our foothold within the certitudes of existence and concept. the recent flip the hunt Takes within the Destruction of simple styles: The very important development After Teresa of Avila has defined inside of her personal experiential framework the “prayer of Union,” she warns us that this step in our non secular itinerary, whereas breaking during the opaqueness of the empirical soul, doesn't determine an organization foothold for this act, that this act may well by no means take place back, that the soul might sink again into immersion in daily issues. it's the emergence of the original Witness in the soul’s lifestyles hence transfigured less than her very eyes that suggests the decisive step within the itinerary of our interrogation has been taken. but all 3 steps of the soul’s circulate are imperative. ate up by means of our frenetic quest to find and surround the frontiers of finiteness, we move from (1) elevation above the triviality of lifestyles in the direction of a fantastic to (2) the invention of life’s finiteness and of the finiteness of all contingency and (3) unfolding the soul’s personal, religious path, which culminates within the emergence of the original Witness. those jointly shape the phases of non secular improvement. This improvement may cease there. It has succeeded in lifting our being past contingency by means of liberating from its subliminal intensity the spontaneity of a transcending elan, therefore transposing it right into a extra entire human framework. And but it doesn't thereby achieve the terminus of our inner most quest and longing. If we cease at that, we stay simply midway to the objective. To continue extra in the direction of the goal—if that terminus might ever be reached definitely—we need to pursue our interrogation via additional levels of progress which are simultaneously harmful and confident. certainly, Teresa of Avila warns us that when achieving the “prayer of Union,” the soul has to anticipate an extended sequence of failures, insufferable sufferings, health problems, and cataclysms. If we're to boost, it sounds as if after the looks of the original Witness, we need to start up a brand new form of interrogation. before everything, we might be astounded on the bathe of sufferings heaping itself upon us and catching us unawares. From the solitary inward path we now have to this point taken, based and closed in upon our meditative internal adventure by myself, we appear to be suddenly thrown out of equilibrium. ailment corrodes our normal self belief within the sleepy, maybe, yet ideal, and certainly trustworthy, devoted workings of our physically approach. we find then that the warrantly, which we continually took with no consideration, to our natural system’s continuing appropriately and faultlessly from inside was once a presumption and that, in truth, we're masters over neither its mute operations nor the result of its spontaneous interactions.

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