The Godborn: The Sundering, Book II

By Paul S. Kemp

In the 2d ebook of the multi-author Sundering sequence introduced via New York Times best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore, the shadow legacy of Erevis Cale lives on whilst his outdated foe Mephistopheles seeks to stamp it out at any expense. Cale’s son Vasen—unmoored in time by way of the god Mask—has to date been protected against the archdevil’s darkish schemes, by myself one of the servants of the Lord of sunshine who've raised him due to the fact birth.
Living in a distant abbey nestled one of the Thunder Peaks of Sembia, Vasen is haunted via goals of his father, trapped within the frozen hell of Cania. He is familiar with the day will come whilst he needs to think his position within the divine drama unfolding throughout Faerûn. yet Vasen is aware now not what that function could be . . . or even if he's able to take it on. He in simple terms is aware what his father tells him in dreams—that he mustn't ever fail.
Enter Drasek Riven, a former compatriot of Erevis Cale, now close to divine and haunted by way of desires of his own—he too is aware the time to behave is close to. Shar, the nice goddess of darkness, seems to forged her shadow at the international ceaselessly. Riven has glimpsed the cycle of evening she hopes to accomplish, and he understands she needs to be stopped.
At the crossroads of divine intrigue and mortal future, not likely heroes unite to thwart the powers of shadow and hell, and the sundering of worlds is decided on its course.

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