The Kundalini Yoga Experience: Bringing Body, Mind, and Spirit Together

By Darryl O'Keeffe, Dharam S. Khalsa

A superbly redesigned version of the single authoritative advisor to the main conventional kind of yoga that teaches poses, respiring recommendations, and meditations to carry our bodies and minds jointly in a more healthy, balanced union.

Americans have followed yoga as essentially the most powerful and relaxing how you can remain fit. yet yoga isn’t purely approximately expanding flexibility and conserving onto that younger glow. As yoga turns into extra renowned, a lot of its unique spirit is disappearing. whereas each yoga type contains a interval of meditation, the vast majority of sessions specialize in studying postures to tone and improve the physique. The Kundalini Yoga adventure teaches practices that both aim the physique, the brain, and the spirit to enhance each point of your health and wellbeing and faucet into your personal targeted shops of therapeutic energy.

Professional Kundalini teachers Guru Dharma Khalsa and Darryl O’Keefe supply a balanced step by step software in response to respiring, poses, and meditation that can assist you develop into the simplest individual you could be—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. fantastically illustrated with greater than fifty full-color photographs and line paintings, The Kundalini Yoga adventure finds the purest kind of yoga—one that mixes actual health with emotional well-being and religious satisfaction.


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While all of the locks are utilized, the fearful and glandular structures are acknowledged to harmonize and the ojas (subtle fluid) is reabsorbed into the physique to stimulate the better facilities because the sexual strength is channelled and absorbed. • powerful in treating sexual dysfunctions and usually held to extend durability. thesaurus AJNA 3rd Eye. encouraged by means of focusing among the eyebrows on the base of the nostril. AKASHIC checklist Cosmic dossier of all idea, deed, and purpose. AMRIT VELA Ambrosial hours prior to sunrise, whilst the religious rejoice the Divine inside of and with out. APANA The “downward breath” is the eliminative element of prana. AQUARIAN AGE we're at present within the cusp among the a while of Pisces and Aquarius, which starts off on December twenty first, 2012. ASANA The physique positions of yoga. ASHTANGA 8 beats, touching on mantras with 8 syllables. BHAKTI One full of devotion for his God or Guru. Bhakti Yoga is famous as an exemplary course of yoga in itself. BANDH Lock. 4 important locks of Kundalini Yoga are Mul Bandh, Uddiyana Bandh, Jalandhara Bandh, and Maha Bandh. BIJ Seed, relating one- or two-syllable mantras that develop within the psyche to “seed” bushes of awareness whilst watered through constant religious perform. BODHISATTVA “Buddha to be”, or Buddhist saint. CHAKRA “Lotus”, or “wheel”; the seven full of life vortices created the place the Ida and Pingala intersect around the Sushumna. DHARANA regular focus. DHYANA Contemplation. GOLDEN CHAIN Divine lively hyperlink of non secular masters attached with whilst chanting the Adi Mantra. GOLDEN twine vigorous connection of 7th to 6th Chakra threaded during the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands. GUNAS 3 inherent states of subject and nature: tamas, rajas, and sattva. GURU usually “teacher”, which means “dark” to “light” (gu-ru); a method instead of an individual embodying one of these strategy. GURU RAM DAS purchaser saint of Kundalini Yoga. HATHA YOGA “Ha” = sunlight and “tha” = Moon; therefore “the union skilled whilst solar and Moon channels (Ida and Pingala) harmonize”. center heart aspect of concentration on the middle of the chest, similar to the guts Chakra. better SELF Soul-consciousness in relation to the higher chakras. IDA an immense nadi. Coils round Sushumna and incorporates the feminine lunar present via left nose. JNANA Self-knowledge KABBALAH old religious procedure, taught by means of Moses to the Jews, and by way of the Gnostic Christians. KARMA legislations of reason and impression. KIRTAN Sacred song and chanting; imperative to Sikh Dharma and Sufism, the place chanting stimulates the proper series of strain issues at the top palate, producing heightened wisdom. KRIYA accomplished motion: the mixed influence of the mudra, mantra, asana, breath, and bandh inside the series of workouts. for that reason, “Kriya for Elevation” or “Kriya to open the guts Chakra”. yet a kriya may perhaps contain one unmarried perform, e. g. “Sat Kriya”. KUNDALINI actually, the Curl of the Hair of the liked. Kundalini is the latent inventive strength of the man or woman, which whilst dormant, lies coiled on the base of the backbone.

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