The Making of Copernicus: Early Modern Transformations of a Scientist and His Science (Intersections)

The individuals to "Making of Copernicus" learn via the research of specific examples how a number of the myths surrounding Copernicus took place and whether or not they have held their validity or have vanished altogether. Are there hyperlinks among a true or postulated transformation of pictures of the realm and the applying of metaphors in technology, in particular the metaphor of medical revolution? What have been the interactions and conflations in technological know-how and literature that resulted in Copernicus being set on a pedestal or being solid down from it, and the way did they arrive approximately? Is there nevertheless any fallout from reconstructions and hagiographies within the background of technology at the literary snapshot of Copernicus provided by means of novelists down into the 20 th century? Papers take care of the background of the reception of Copernicus no longer via putting forward or rejecting him and his teachings, yet as really as a means of transformation. They therefore study variations of his doctrine: methodological, institutional, textual and visible - and adjustments of the old personage of Copernicus: topical, rhetorical, and literary. participants are: Lucia Ayala, Tamas Demeter, Dana Jalobeanu, Jorg Jungmayr, Stefan Kirschner, Sergius Kodera, Andreas Kuhne, Wolfgang Neuber, Thomas Rahn, Steffen Schneider, Jonathan Schuz, Gereon Wolters, and Claus Zittel."

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