Understanding Network Hacks: Attack and Defense with Python

By Bastian Ballmann

This e-book explains find out how to see one's personal community in the course of the eyes of an attacker, to appreciate their thoughts and successfully guard opposed to them. via Python code samples the reader learns to code instruments on matters similar to password sniffing, ARP poisoning, DNS spoofing, SQL injection, Google harvesting and Wifi hacking. moreover the reader should be brought to safety equipment resembling intrusion detection and prevention platforms and log dossier research via diving into code.

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Remember it. 32         if ip_mac. get(pkt[ARP]. psrc) == None: 33             print "Found new device " + \ 34                    pkt[ARP]. hwsrc + " " + \ 35                    pkt[ARP]. psrc 36             ip_mac[pkt[ARP]. psrc] = pkt[ARP]. hwsrc 37  38         # Device is known but has a different IP 39         elif ip_mac. get(pkt[ARP]. psrc) and \ 40              ip_mac[pkt[ARP]. psrc] ! = pkt[ARP]. hwsrc: 41                 print pkt[ARP]. hwsrc + \ 42                       " has got new ip " + \ 43                       pkt[ARP]. psrc + \ 44                       " (old " + ip_mac[pkt[ARP]. psrc] + ")" 45                 ip_mac[pkt[ARP]. psrc] = pkt[ARP]. hwsrc forty six  forty seven  48 signal(SIGINT, sig_int_handler) forty nine  50 if len(sys. argv) < 2: 51     print sys. argv[0] + " " 52     sys. exit(0) fifty three  54 try: 55     fh = open(arp_watcher_db_file, "r") 56 except IOError: 57     print "Cannot read file " + arp_watcher_db_file 58     sys. exit(1) fifty nine  60 for line in fh: 61     line. chomp() 62     (ip, mac) = line. split(" ") 63     ip_mac[ip] = mac sixty four  65 sniff(prn=watch_arp, 66       filter="arp", 67       iface=sys. argv[1], 68       store=0) first and foremost we outline a sign handler in sig_int_handler() that will get referred to as if the person interrupts this system. This functionality will shop all recognized IP to MAC resolutions within the ip_mac dictionary to a dossier. Afterwards we learn these ARP db dossier to initialize this system with all presently identified resolutions or go out if the dossier can't be learn. Than we loop line by way of line during the records content material and cut up each one line into IP and MAC to avoid wasting them within the ip_mac dictionary. Now we name the already identified functionality sniff() that would invoke the callback functionality watch_arp for each acquired ARP packet. The functionality watch_arp implements the genuine common sense of this system. while the sniffed packet is a is-at packet and for that reason an ARP reaction than we first payment if the IP exists within the ip_mac dictionary. If we didn’t locate an access the gadget is new and exhibits a message to the reveal, in a different way we examine the MAC handle with the MAC in our dictionary. If it differs the reaction is perhaps solid and we print a message to the monitor. In either instances the dictionary will get up to date with the recent details. four. four MAC-Flooder Switches like different pcs have a restricted dimension of reminiscence that’s additionally precise for the desk conserving MAC deal with info utilized by the change to recollect which MAC is on which port in addition to its inner ARP cache. occasionally switches react a section weirdly if their buffers overflow. this may lead from denial of carrier as much as giving up switching and behaving like an ordinary hub. In hub mode the final greater site visitors bring up isn't the merely challenge you will have therefore all hooked up desktops may perhaps see the full site visitors with out extra activities. you'll want to try how your switches react on those exceptions and that’s what the following script is sweet for. It generates random MAC addresses and sends them on your change until eventually the buffer is complete.

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