Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte : Studies in Greek Elegy and Iambus

By Martin L. West

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In Iambi et E legt Graeci (Oxford, 1971-2) i've got amassed the is still of pre-Alexandrian elegy and iambus. the current experiences are a derivative of the version and meant to be learn along side it. to a point they're an apologia for it, in that they serve to provide an explanation for the various offerings I made, in recognize of inclusion or exclusion of fabric, association, and textual questions. to some degree they require an apologia themselves. They flagrantly lack homogeneity and formal cohesion: the cohesion is within the box of analysis. i'd maybe have written a extra encyclopaedic e-book or statement on those poets, which might were larger proportioned and extra commonly bought, merely I had now not the tummy for it. All i wished used to be to post what I needed to say that used to be new. i'll have performed so in a sequence of articles; yet along with including to congestion in periodicals, that might absolutely were much less handy in case you have an interest in those issues. i'm wakeful, specially considering the fact that analyzing the proofs, that i've got occasionally said my perspectives in a slightly compressed and elliptical manner. i will merely desire that this has now not ended in actual obscurity. The reader who unearths it attempting could locate it a convenience to mirror how a lot he or his library may need needed to pay for the booklet if I had written extra spaciously. i'd were extra ashamed of the other fault. i have to thank the publishers and their editors for accepting the paintings for this sequence, and for the care they've got taken over its production.

Oxford, March 1974
M. L. West

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1330. In iambus we discover φονήες in Ar. one hundred and one. 2, yet another way the stem is shortened: gen. -έως (disyll. ) Ar. forty three. 2; hello. 123 (-έος is feasible in either areas) ; dat. -ει Sem. 1. thirteen; hello. 117. eight; gen. pl. Αίνειών (for Αίνει-έων) hello. seventy two. 7. the single example of a dative plural is ύπαγωγεϋσι Herrn. three. 2. ninety eight Language and Metre βοϋς Dat. pi. βουσί advert. el. sixty two. nine. Consonant-stems usually The epic types άνέρα, -ος, -ι look in elegy in advert. el. sixty two. 17; X. 7a. three; Cleo. 1. 1. differently -r-/-er- stems stick to the standard gradation: γαστέρα, γάστρας, γαστρί; Δήμητρος, -ι. χειρ keeps the lengthy kind of the stem, χειρ-, in all places aside from χερί in Ion 28. The nominative seems to be as χέρς in Timocr. nine. The indirect circumstances of Ζευς generally have the Ai(f )-stem (Ar. ninety four. 2; ninety eight. 7; 154. five? ; 157. 2; hello. 127; Th. /, eleven, 15; advert. el. sixty two. 15; Ion 27. 6; Sem. 7. ninety four; Sim. nine. 1; Sol. four. 1; 31. 1; Ty. 18. 7; X. 2. 2); the dative is disyllabic, Ait, advert. el. sixty two. 15; Sol. 31. 1. The stem Ζην- is utilized by Sol. thirteen. " 1, 25; Th. 285 (ace. Ζηνα or Ζην), Scy. 1. 2. γόνυ, δόρυ have the stems γούνατ-, δούρατ- (Ar. , Ty. , Th. }, other than that Tyrtaeus additionally has δουρός (11. 20) and Archilochus has dat. δορί 3 times in 2. ους (Hi. 118. five, Th. 887) = οδας (Cleo. three) has the stem ουατ(Th. 1163, Sim. ). All consonant-stems regularly have their dat. pi. in -σι: άσπίσι, ποσί, παισί; είμασι, έργμασι, κύμασι, δούρασι; δδοΰσι, πασι; γυναιξί, άνδράσι, χερσί, φθειρσί, κυσί, δελφΐσι. the single anomaly in iambus is ποσσί in Ar. 114. four (contrast ποσίν a hundred and one. 1). In elegy (Sol. 6. 1; Th. 306, 373, 522 cj. , 559, 741, 800, 1043, 1097} use is additionally made up of the epic -εσσι. move among declensions, heteroclites, and so forth. yes nouns with nom. -ης, regularly of the 3rd declension, seem in Ionian iambus with a genitive -go) borrowed from α-stems: "Αρεω Ar. 18 (contrast "Αρηα, "Αρηος, "Αρεος in elegy; dat. "Αρει Sem. 1. 13); μύκεω identity. 252; φάλεω hello. 21. the other transference will be represented by way of Λυκάμβεος, on which see above on α-stems. related phenomena are the gen. πουλύπου Th. 215 (after nom. -πος decreased from -ποδ-ς); dat. κάρη 1024 (after nom. κάρη). We can also become aware of the following the epic heteroclite datives άλκί, ΰδει in 949, 961; the recent nom. σωληνος = σωλήν, Anan. 6; λαούς 'stones' in Sim. three; Hipponax's τάλαντι for τάλανι (after πάς παντί and so on. ) (15); and his use of λύχνον as a neuter within the singular (17). πολύς within the declension of πολύς alternation is restricted to the masc. and neut. nom. and ace. sing, (otherwise in simple terms kinds from πολλός are used). The lonians use either πολύς, πολύν, πολύ, and πολλός, πολλόν: Morphology and Syntax πολύς Ar. Sol. Eue. -ύν Anan. three. ! (? ). Sol. -ύ Ar. Th. Th. Eue. ninety nine πολλός Ar. Sem. -ov (masc. ) Ar. -όν Ar. Anan. X. Th. Th. advert. el. 32. 4(? ) there's a few proof for πουλύς in Th. 509 (cf. 211), and πουλύ is conjectured for πολύ in advert. el. 25. 2; Eue. five. 2. comparability of Adjectives The Ionic κρέσσων is attested in hello. 123 (v. l. ); Anan. three. three (v. l. ); Th. 218, 618, 631, 996; advert. el. 15. 1 have therefore written άσσον (as given through the easiest Homer manuscripts), rather than άσσον, within the lonians, Sem. 7. 26, 33; hello. 118E. 2; and that i may have written μΙζων if there have been celebration.

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