Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)

By Mark D. White, William Irwin

Alan Moore's Watchmen is determined in 1985 and chronicles the choice historical past of the USA the place the united states edges dangerously towards nuclear warfare with the Soviet Union. inside of this global exists a gaggle of crime busters, who don difficult costumes to hide their id and struggle crime, and an problematic plot to kill and discredit those "superheroes."

Alan Moore's Watchmen popularized the image novel layout, has been named certainly one of Time magazine's most sensible a hundred novels, and is now being made right into a hugely expected motion picture edition. This most up-to-date publication within the renowned Blackwell Philosophy and dad tradition sequence friends into Moore's deeply philosophical paintings to parse and deconstruct the moral matters raised through Watchmen's costumed adventurers, their activities, and their international. From nuclear destruction to utopia, from governmental authority to human morality and social accountability, it solutions questions lovers have had for years approximately Watchmen's moral quandaries, topics, and characters.

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